OPEX Chavornay

In order to complete our team of 4 OPEX coaches, we are looking for a trainee who has completed the CCP course, or who is in the process of going through CCP.


We are looking for someone passionate about people and also passionate about fitness who is ready to learn, to go out of their way for the well-being of the members but also for the good function of the gym and the harmony of the team.


The initial internship for shadow coaches during floor coaching is 6 months, paid 500 .- / month. At the end of these 6 months if the candidate shows the required interest and personal investment in learning movement, training, nutrition and personal development, a coaching position is on offer.



Passion for fitness and training 

Going through or completed CCP (final project is a plus)

Interest in personal and human development.

Practice’s fitness (and other sports welcome)

Interest in nutrition (other courses than CCP is a plus)

Comfortable with the use of various computer programs (True coach - CoachRx - Google Suite)

Spoken and written language: FRENCH


Please email your resume to: