On Site Coach

Part Time | LOCATION: Garland, Texas

3Q Fitness

About the gym:


We are located in Garland, Texas (just east of Dallas). Our gym has found a way to pivot during the last 8 months, our group classes have seen significant growth as well as our clients looking for individual design. For over a decade we have served our community by growing deep relationships with the businesses, schools, and the City of Garland. Our coaches have a siginificant advantage when building a client base by the solid brand and network that has been cultivated over that time. Our mission is to be the health and fitness resource for our community, to heal our city, state, nation, and world. 

Ideal candidate:

👍 We are looking for a professional coach with a growth mindset, some who is always looking to improve and challenges are seen as oppurtunities to adapt for the better. 

💰 We are looking for a coach with an entrepenuerial mindset, you want to grow a program and/or your own roster of clients. 

💪 You see coaching as an honorable calling and you recognize the power that comes with it. "With great power comes great responsibility..." (Gold star if you get this reference)

🥇 You operate well on a team. 

💥 You are coachable. 


✅ Maintain a class coaching schedule of 5-10 classes per week. 

✅ Attend biweekly team huddles.

✅ Actively particapate in one or more coaching programs as an athlete (be plugged in to the community).

✅ Attend at least one gym social event per quarter.


Email with any additional questions, thanks! 


Please email your resume to: justin@3qfitness.com