Fitness Coach

Part Time | LOCATION: Toronto, Canada

Quantum CrossFit

JOB TITLE: Part-Time Trainer

OVERVIEW: To be part of an upbeat well-coordinated team that provides tier one fitness training to groups and individuals. You’ll be coaching both small groups and private clients as well as designing individualized fitness programs. 



1. Greet all clients by name upon arrival.

2. Bring a high level of positive energy to each session.

3. Review daily workouts (including loading, warm-ups, technique questions) with clients

4. Demand excellent technique over speed. We’re in this for the long-run.

5. Give people an experience. We’re in the hospitality industry as much as the fitness industry.

6. Attend all meetings when required.

7. Keep the gym tidy and organized. Expect to spend 5mins after the day’s last session tidying up.
8. Maintain a high level of personal fitness and health. Live the lifestyle.
9. Design appropriate workouts for individuals based on their goals, findings of our movement screen and other assessments. Test and re-test over time to know if the program is working.
10. Perform initial consults with new prospects. No hard sells. Just honesty and seeing if it’s the right fit.

11. Send short emails to clients when they do something extraordinary (a virtual high five) and share a couple items on social media each week to build your profile.


  1. We’re looking for someone who’s fun. This job requires a lot of energy and time spent with people. We need to be a highlight in our client’s day and keep morale high among staff. The only way to do that is to have some fun.


  1. Expect to work hard. Our clients give their best effort and we expect everyone on the team to give theirs. That includes your focus and attention to detail while coaching, being reliable and on time, having a yearly plan with specific areas of your coaching practice to improve, and networking/building up your roster of individual clients who trust you.

  2. We’re here to help you grow. Expect plenty of hands-on training and mentorship on everything from program design, technique coaching, dealing with injuries, client relationships and good consultation habits. Our goal is to help you develop into the best coach you can be while providing a truly enjoyable place to work and train.



-Compensation in line with level of experience.
-Favourable revenue split for personal training and individual program design.
-Potential to shift into a full-time position.


Please email your resume to: