Full Time | LOCATION: Norman, OK

Solid Rock Training



Love God, Love People




Inspire people to look good, move well, and feel great!




We build RELATIONSHIPS, deliver results, and always put the customer first


We act in FAITH, not in fear


We have FUN


We keep it SIMPLE


We are RESOURCEFUL and accomplish more with less


We are OCD about FORM


We hold each other ACCOUNTABLE and have a will to win


Ideal Client

  • 40+ (active aging)

  • Goals: Move well, look good, and feel great

  • Pain Points: Sarcopenia, Pain, Body Image, Health, Unable to live an active lifestyle, etc…

  • Challenges: Lack of time, Financial investment, etc...


  • Facilitating movement assessments

  • Personal Training Sales

  • Leading personal training sessions

  • Programming

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly meetings and training

  • 25-30hrs on the floor coaching per week

  • 5-10hrs administrative per week


  • Adult CPR/AED

  • Confidence, command presence and excellent communication skills

  • A GROWTH mindset

  • Team player

Results (KPI’s - Key Performance Indicators)


  • Called by first name within 5 seconds of walking into the facility

  • Looking the part (Uniform, Hygiene, Body Language)

  • Facility Cleanliness

  • Generating referrals (Raving Fans)

  • Building relationships

  • Delivering results  


  • Retention <3% attrition


  • Base Salary 40k

  • Bonus pay of $43.37 for every in person 1 on 1 personal training session (1hr)

  • Continued education

  • Work/Life balance (shifts)


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