Onsite Coach

Full Time | LOCATION: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

OPEX Ottawa

OPEX Ottawa Job Description



Education: Degree of Specialization or University Degree Preferred

As part of the OPEX Ottawa, you will be responsible for creating individual programming for your clients based on the OPEX model, as learned through the completion of the OPEX CCP Level 1 (Certified Coaching Professional) certification. This certification must be completed within the first 12 months of joining the team.

You are also responsible for on-the-floor coaching; guiding clients through unfamiliar and difficult movements, make adjustments and corrections to form, and ensuring members are completing their workouts in a fun and safe environment.


This is a salaried position ($1000 per month) while you learn and onboard new clients. Once you hit 10 clients you are remunerated based on the total number of clients you have. The full details are attached.



Knowledge of fitness and training principles

Strong communicator

Able to provide correction and guidance in a proactive and positive way Comfortable interacting with a diverse group of people



OPEX CCP Level 1 is ideal.

A combination of education and experience will be considered.

The successful candidate will be required to take and complete the OPEX CCP program within 12 months of hire. The OPEX CCP program can be done entirely online.

The coach’s responsibilities include:

·      Creating safe and progressive client programs that align with the clients assessment and personal goals.

·      Identifying the client's goal in fitness/life.

·      Discuss nutrition and lifestyle factors to ensure balance within their fitness program.

·      Structured nutrition protocol and a plan based on their goal.

·      Identify and addressing any imbalances in movement.

·      Collect body composition data points through skin fold testing and InBody body composition scans.

·      Identify the areas of priority and discuss the program design intention

·      Become versed on ALL movements to ensure proficiency and safety when

      starting the program design

·      Maintain a safe and clean environment for all clients

·      Participate in external team camps

·      Attend weekly education sessions

If interested please email jonathan@opexottawa.com with a resume

Please email your resume to: jonathan@opexottawa.com