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Hi there all,

I hope this finds you all well at the time of reading this..

As a buy-in: I have kept a keen eye on this specific tab of the OPEX Membership website for quite a while.. and today was the day I decided to breach the gap and transition into actioning..

It has been a very intimidating thing for myself, to finally conceptulizing this "post", but I thought.. "be valnurable and put something on the line". I've walked my fingers up and down my keyboard so many times before, typing something in reply to a post I've seen, to only delete it because "it was to honest in my opinion" or because of the fear of rejection.

This pasting year (since picking my CCP studies up again in Feb) it has been a year of massive adaption and experience and has put me face-to-face with situations that I *thought* were not possible for me to overcome, situations that I believed at the time, were created far beyond my control (childhood, growing up, economic and financial situations -  rock climbing up the side of a mountain) until a familar framework dawned on me - a Growth vs. a Fixed mindset.

What dawned was, what if my biggest insecurities, my biggest "cons", the things I needed to work on most or improve on (as self defined).. where actually my biggest strengths?

I drift back to my second day doing Crossfit - I did Murphy (no surprise there - well.. ) - I sucked at the pull ups.. ripped my hands, found a massive inability the next morning to touch my head, it was rough (very different contractions to what I was use to experiencing in karate) never-the-less, and fast forward a few steps and a long story, I LOVE PULL UPS.

I changed my mindset.. and my mindset changed my ongoing experience of the pull ups.. the more I looked at, "How I could get better/learn from this difficulty, the better I got.. "

With that being said.. (Finally..)

My name is Kyle Calore.

I am 22 years young (turning 23 in Feb)

And, I am on the same mission that you are on! I both, want to help change Fitness and I believe, that I can.

I want to inspire people to live better, make smarter choices, chew there food more, honor the process of sleep more, live more - see the importance of poo more - I want to be a Professional Fitness Coach that guides people and helps them realises there own ability to change their own lives - I want to empower people!

I want people to Rise up to the challange of health and fitness over a lifetime.. not look for an easier way or a shortcut.

I want to *teach/show people, through my own actions and my own story over a lifetime, that there is a different way, a smarter, a safer, a more sustainable way to do and be more..

In closing - "I believe, that a person is not measured by the total amount of things they have or don't have in the current moment, but rather by their character and pureity of heart to see and work for those things in the moments to come.."

I look forward to any feedback, connections or conversations that come from this.. 








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