Sept 2019 Accelerator

Content - Refinement

New material will not be covered this week. Instead this is about refining the systems we have already discussed and isolating those business components that aren’t functioning

It isn’t about what this week is about. It is about what it is not about. We are not digging into a bunch of new material this week. We are refining on your system. Instead of trying to implement something new, we are taking a systematic look at something that isn’t functioning the right way.


After this week, you should feel even more rock solid with your plan


When you find your rhythm of planning smartly and executing effectively, you will recognize that there is a time to plan, and there is a time to execute. With the last 4 weeks of Accelerator in front of you, it’s time to action when you’re planning and when you’re executing so that you can make your gym better week by week and year by year.

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