Programming: AirBike

About this Course

The bike has emerged as a staple tool to improve fitness for people across the globe.  Whether you or your clients are high-level athletes or people waiting to get into or stay in great shape, the bike is an incredibly valuable piece of equipment to help with it. Open your mind to the variety of styles of training that you can do.  As you will see, whether you are wanting to increase aerobic capacity, pain threshold, or power output, the bike can help you get there.

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Course Overview


History of the Bike

Setting Up the Bike


Intro to Assessment

Gain, Pain & Sustain Testing

Gain Prescription

Gain Prescription Example

Pain Prescription

Pain Prescription Example

Sustain Prescription

Sustain Prescription Example

Work Theory

Limitations on Work

Applying Gain, Pain & Sustain

Mixed Modal Training on the AirBike

Mixed Modal Training Example

Special Training on the AirBike