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We're really digging in now. Now that you're through the digital content entirely, it's time to take that information and implement it into your ongoing launch, marketing, sales, and service delivery of your OPEX Gym product. To do that, we need to zone in on what language and stories you'll tell as well as how you will send it into the market - to include your clients and your prospective market. 

The outcome we are after with this call is to put you into the hot seat of role-playing. You need to get uncomfortable in this process so that you can zone in how you'll deliver your message as well as how you'll grow your reach via messaging and storytelling to your clients and prospective markets.

To achieve that outcome, please turn in these pieces (to the forum) and come prepared with:

**Note - use as much of the OPEX Language and marketing that you choose. We don't want you to reinvent the wheel; we want you to get very connected to and then practice this language

  • In 1 PDF doc - turn in
    • Text on how you'll describe "OPEX" and "What is OPEX" with the specific words you intend to use
    • Text on your exact target market avatar - use
      • Demographics
      • Psychographics - include the problems/challenges that they are facing
    • A screenshot of a canva image of your perfect target client with 3-5 key "features" that your best clients have/will have
    • Text on how you'll generally describe the problem that you're solving
    • Text on how you'll describe your service with specific language
      • How do your coaches guide your clients to help solve their problems
    • Text on what your client's lives will look like after you help them solve their problem
      • Feel free to turn this into an image or a video, up to you
    • Your website header text/copy 
      • What will it say right at the top to "start" the conversation?
    • Screenshots of your social media bio page
  • Video
    • Your 30-second pitch to somebody new you meet - this likely won't happen on the first take. Spend some time to craft, practice, and hone in on what will connect to your perfect target client. Feel free to test it on people prior to turning it in. The more you practice and refine this, the better it'll connect to your prospective clients to make them want to take steps forward

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