Remote Coaching with the OPEX Method


It takes different skills to coach online versus in-person. Whether you’re trying to temporarily transition your in-person clients into a remote setting, or you’re interested in becoming a successful online coach, this specialty course will teach you how to deliver personalized exercise, behavior, and nutrition to any client, anywhere.

This mini-course is exclusive to those enrolled in the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP). Apply now to CCP and receive this course for free.

Course Content

17 lessons
+ Introduction
3 videos
Why a Remote Coaching Course?
Assess Yourself
Right Fits For Remote Coaching
+ Onboarding
4 videos
Initial Consultation
OPEX Body, Move, Work
Assessment into Program Design
+ Coaching Remotely
5 videos
Client Touchpoints
Remote Coaching Program Design Tactics
It Starts with Behaviors
Nutrition Coaching Remotely
Remote Client Lifecycle
+ Processes
4 videos
Why Have Processes & Systems?
Setting Yourself Up For Success
Remote Coaching Systems
Program Design Efficiencies