Business Accelerator

Course Content

174 lessons
+ General Business
49 videos
Introduction to the OPEX Business Accelerator
Introduction to the OPEX Business Instructors
How to Get The Most From Accelerator
How to Go Through the Course Specifically
How Accelerator Is Connected To And Ascended From CCP
Why, What, How, Who = Outcomes Intro
Why = Culture + Priorities
What = Model + Brand
How = SOP's and Systems
Who = Artist, Manager, Entrepreneur = Generalist + Stakeholders
Outcomes Must Be Defined And Earned
Intro to Fitness Business Models
Globo Gyms and Their Tradeoffs
Large Group Training and Its Tradeoffs
Small(er) Group Training and Its Tradeoffs
Personal Training and Its Tradeoffs
Remote Coaching and Its Tradeoffs
Garage Gyms - 1:1
OPEX's and Its Tradeoffs
Hybrid and Its Tradeoffs
Facility Sizing and Tradeoffs
Acquiring Clients
Conversations Are Everything
Defining Your Marketing & Sales Funnel and Running It
Referrals Are Critical
Pitfalls Hurting Gym Owners
Why Do Clients Leave & How To Keep Them
The Game is Equity Which = Net Worth
Acquisition and Retention Metrics
Measure Behaviors and Actions That Matter
The Business Plan
Intro To Your Business Plan
Executive Summary
Company Description
Product(s) & Service(s)
Marketing Plan
Operational Plan
Management & Organization
Startup Expenses & Capitalization
Financial Plan
Section Outro
What To Expect When We Move To OPEX Gyms Focused
What's Next?
Intro to Section 2 - The OPEX Gym Example
Intro To The 5 M's Framework for New Ventures
+ Meaning
9 videos
Brand: OPEX HQ
Brand: OPEX Gyms
Recognizing the Problem In The Market
Solving Your Client's Problems
Defining Your Purpose
Defining Your Vision
Identifying Your Values
Crafting Your Mission
+ Model
22 videos
Client Experience
Relationships & Communication
Monthly Consultations
The Initial Consult
The 4-Week Trial Process
Coaching on the Floor
Being An Outstanding Orchestra Conductor
Utilizing Personal Training
Programming in TrueCoach
Removing Grandfathered Pricing
Owner Pay
Coach Pay
Floor Sessions
Facilities Intro
Facility Cost
Facility Size
Designing a Premium Facility
+ Market
35 videos
General Marketing
General OPEX Gym Funnel
Target Market
High Level Storytelling
Live Event Advertising/Marketing
Social Media
Social Media Intro
Organic Social Media
Organic Instagram
Paid Social Media
Website Marketing
Website Layout & SEO
Google Business
Reviews - Yelp, Google, Facebook
Email Marketing
General Email List Builds
Booth Email List Builds
Lunch and Learn Email List Builds
In-Body In-Person Email List Builds
Website Email List Builds
Social Media Email List Builds
Emails that convert to RAC's
Media: Video & Imagery
Testimonials - Success Stories
Sales Funnel
Sales Processes
Sales Consultation
Sales Upsell/Downsell
Sales Creating Value
Sales Offers
Running an OPEX 4-Week Trial Offer
Creating An Outstanding Founding Member Rate
+ Money & Numbers
19 videos
Numbers: Why do they matter?
Metrics: Advertising
Metrics: Marketing/Email
Metrics: Sales
Metrics: Client Lifetime Value - LTV
Metrics: Client Acquisition Costs - CAC's
Metrics: LTV: CAC Ratio
Metrics: Retention
Metrics: NPS Score
Financials: Balance Sheet
Financials: Profit & Loss
Financials: Cash Flow Statement
Financials: Your Systems for Success
Financials: Startup Expenses for an OPEX Gym
Financials: What is "Good" Financially?
Financials: Process for tracking
+ Management
14 videos
Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)
Forecasting with Facts
Time Management and Consistency
Managing Time As A Coach
Contracts + Performance Agreements
Onboarding & Training an Employee
Performance Scorecards & Reviews
Ongoing Team Meetings
Day in the life of an OPEX Gyms Owner
Day in the life of an OPEX Gyms Coach
+ Bonus
12 videos
Transitioning from Group to OPEX
Transitioning from Group to OPEX-Actioning
Transitioning from PT to OPEX
How to Use OPEX Gym Resources
Implementing OPEX Process Docs
Using OPEX Membership Site & Forum
Implementing Partner Offers
Implementing Flexx Website/CRM
Using OPEX Email and LP Copy
Using OPEX Image/Asset Libraries
Using Your OPEX Gym Mentor
+ Outro
2 videos
Live A Larger Life
+ Week 1
1 videos
Welcome To OPEX Accelerator
+ Week 2
1 videos
Company Description + Products and Services
+ Week 3
1 videos
Marketing Plan 1
+ Week 4
1 videos
Marketing Plan 2
+ Week 5
1 videos
Operational Plan
+ Week 6
1 videos
Management & Organization Plan
+ Week 7
1 videos
Startup Expenses & Capitalization Plan
+ Week 8
1 videos
Financial Plan
+ Week 9
1 videos
Executive Summary & Viability Conclusions
+ Week 10
1 videos
Final Business Pitches